Work in progress

Papers to download in pdf

Professor Emilson Caputo Delfino Silva is working in these papers:

1. “Efficient Earmarking under Decentralized Fiscal Commitments,” under review.
2. “Tax Competition and Federal Equalization Schemes with Decentralized Leadership,” under review.5
3. “Canada’s Oil Sands Innovation Alliance: Strategic Rationale and Effects,” under review.
4. “Overlapping International Green R&D Agreements,” under review (with C. Yamaguchi).
5. “Transnational Terrorism: Externalities and Coalition Formation,” under review (with A. Rossi and J.
6. “Prestige Clubs”, under review(with R. Cornes).
7. “Overlapping International Environmental Agreements,” under review(with X.Zhu).
8. “Terrorism and Counterterrorism: History Dependence, Spillovers and Coordination Failures,” under
review (with J. Faria and D. Arce).
9. “Strategic Effects of Future Environmental Policy Commitments: Climate Change, Solar Radiation
Management and Correlated Air Pollutants,” under review (with J.Qu).
10. “Dynamic R&D Joint Ventures under Asymmetric Information.”
11. “Dynamic Greenwashing with a Highly Credible Certifier.”
12. “Dynamic R&D, Technological Adoption and Environmental Taxation,” (with N.Aoyama).
13. “Size Matters:Bailouts and Informational Rents in Federations,” (with X.Zhu).
14. “Efficient Regulation with Ex-Post Arbitration.